Palindrome is a dance company

Founded in New York City in 1982, Germany since 1991, Weimar is now its home, where they are busy with choreographic matters and interactive technologies.

Its founder and artistic director Robert
applies his fascination for science and technology to the art of dance. As the computer age dawned in the 1990's, Palindrome pioneered the use of digital media and interactive technology on stage, creating dance pieces and operas which earned critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Palindrome won first prize at the Berlin Transmediale, first prize at CynetArt Dresden and, most recently, a special recognition award from the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech University.

Since 2010, Palindrome has focussed on inclusive work with persons with other abilities. With support from Bauhaus University they are inventors if the MOTIONCOMPOSER, a device that allows musical expression for persons with and without disabilities.   It makes music out of movement -- be it an acrobatic pirouette, or the blink of an eye.



What's a palindrome?

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