Iceland.  amazing.


Trois semaines -- température entre 0° et 21°C

icelandic emersion.  blue lagoon, of course.
its actually run-off from a power plant, but who cares.  its really nice.

first of many lava fields,  not easy to hike through.  in fact we got lost and started to believe in trolls...







   mango man?



Third night:  Our private beach.  Where else in the world can you get a beach, as far as the eye can see, for yourself alone...















we ran into these bikers from Bielefeld three times.   the first time to borrow salt, second time, 500 km away, they saved our dinner by giving us a stove after I managed to , um, destroy the only one we had. 

picture of a picture of a picture

Skip the Golden Circle next time!



-- hitchhiking -- thank you to our 23 Icelandic friends that picked us up